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Friday, October 31, 2014


Three months of winter may not be the most inviting time to spent underneath your boat on a cold and windy slipway - that however did little to deter the owners of Ranui from undertaking a complete hull refit at the Salthouse yard recently.  
A 3 month hull refit for Ranui - (an old girl with a busy past) has been a labour of love for owner Richard Allen who also had lots of nice things to say about the Salthouse yard, ....      ” really performed and they are special , providing owners with use of their facilities and advice without charge and with a wealth of knowledge and practical advice gained over 60 years building. All traditional boaties need to remember Salthouses yard, which of course has its own dock facilities, 3 slips and various moorings in Greenhithe. Of course if you want a high tech carbon racer they love doing those too.”
Ranui would be one of the best documented vessels we know of.  Click here for some interesting reading from a recent post on the Waitamata Woodys website....

Ranui looking beautiful again after her hull refit at the Salthouse yard winter 2014