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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

All go in the Salthouse Sheds

2012 is off to a busy start for Salthouse Boatbuilders. Both sheds are full of noise and action as several new build projects get under way.
Salthouses continue their work on the production of 72ft and 45ft Vaka's for a German philanthropist who is establishing a fleet of Polynesian Vaka within the Pacific Islands nations. The project, now in its fourth year, has already seen the construction of seven 72ft ocean going Vaka Moana, and the smaller 45ft Vaka Motu. The intention of this project is to give back to the pacific island people, their independence in commuting between their island neighbours without the need for expensive fuels and rundown vessels. In the process, the island people are rediscovering their history and connection to the ocean round them. See this video link

In contrast to the Vaka, yet still in the multihull vain, Salthouses are also producing Emirates Team New Zealand’s latest high speed multihull tenders. With the ever increasing speed of the new multihull race yachts now used in Americas Cup racing, teams have been struggling to find a support vessel that will keep up with the 40+ knots of the catermans as they hurtle around the race track. Emirates Team New Zealand designers have developed a new tender design that will not only be able to keep up with the fleet but be large enough to carry equipment & personal while still running efficiently with two 350hp Yamaha outboards. The 14mtr twin hull tenders will be in the water later this year. Check back soon for the latest graphics .....

As the books continue to fill up, Salthouses have another Southstar37 booked in for production later this year - this will be the 5th Southstar37 to come from the Salthouse yard - see the latest Club Marine Magazine for the Southstar37's most recent boat test.

Last but certainly not least is the news of an exciting new project with designer Greg Elliott. Elliott Marine and Salthouse Boatbuilders have collaborated to produce a package deal for an exciting new 35ft carbon fibre, kanting keel race yacht. This new design (as pictured above) is going to offer an exhilarating yet uncomplicated solution to yachties wanting to get out and be competitive on the local & international circuit.
Check back soon for full details....