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Friday, October 31, 2014


Three months of winter may not be the most inviting time to spent underneath your boat on a cold and windy slipway - that however did little to deter the owners of Ranui from undertaking a complete hull refit at the Salthouse yard recently.  
A 3 month hull refit for Ranui - (an old girl with a busy past) has been a labour of love for owner Richard Allen who also had lots of nice things to say about the Salthouse yard, ....      ” really performed and they are special , providing owners with use of their facilities and advice without charge and with a wealth of knowledge and practical advice gained over 60 years building. All traditional boaties need to remember Salthouses yard, which of course has its own dock facilities, 3 slips and various moorings in Greenhithe. Of course if you want a high tech carbon racer they love doing those too.”
Ranui would be one of the best documented vessels we know of.  Click here for some interesting reading from a recent post on the Waitamata Woodys website....

Ranui looking beautiful again after her hull refit at the Salthouse yard winter 2014

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


The last two months of 2013 saw 3 shiny new boats preparing to run down the slip way and into the water.  Each time a new boat is launched, there is always a pressured schedule of last minute activity required for everything to come together - amplify that by 3, and you get some idea of how busy the Salthouse yard was at the end of 2013!!
Now in 2014, two new Southstar37's are out and about cruising the Hauraki Gulf with their new owners happily at the wheel, and a luxury version of the Catalyst45 is performing host duties for guests at an island resort in the British Virgin Islands.  (Before her departure we asked Sub Zero Images to snap a few shots for us - see these here.)
Another of the Catalyst45's is currently underway in our sheds.  Like the previous boat, this one will be customized to include her owners specific requirements.  She will have all the trimmings, providing creature comforts of luxury boating without compromise to the power and performance this design has become renowned for.
See our showcase for the workhorse Catalyst45 and for more information on the luxury version, contact us at

Teak decks and aft seating just some of the extras in the luxury version of the Catalyst45

1200Hp and a superyacht finish make for one slick tender
Two Southstar37's have given their owners a whole new perspective on 'cruising in style'