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Monday, November 21, 2011

Good progress for the Salthouse boys

Since arriving in Cape Town the Salthouse team have had several very long and hot days work on the male plug that will ultimately produce the bow section to replace Team Sanyas damanged hull portion. Greg and the boys have made quick work of the plug and after a day spent long boarding the surface to a smooth finish have now begun laminating. The piece of boat that is being chopped out and replaced is five metres long by three and a half metres wide by a metre high. That’s the same size as a reasonable sized powerboat, so not an all together pleasant job sanding and longboarding that area in 35 degree heat!!! We can only assume the beer tasted pretty good at the end of that day!!! Good work boys!
Meanwhile the race continues on the water in leg1 as the 4 remaining entries make their way to Cape Town.
Both Abu Dabai Ocean Racing and Team Sanya continue their own race against time to get their boats to Cape Town and ready to rejoin the rest of the fleet for the start of leg2 from Cape Town to Abu Dhabi on 11th December.
Follow race details on the Volvo Ocean Race website

Friday, November 18, 2011

Salthouse team in a race against time

So it was one of those late night calls that you just know is going to tell you something is up. And sure enough it’s been all on since then...Team Sanya’s entry into the Volvo Ocean Race had an issue with the bow section on the boat early into the first leg of the race from Alicante to Cape Town and it needed attention, and fast. The following few days at the yard where spent at an accelerated pace sorting possible scenario's and options for a team from Salthouse's to go to Cape Town and help repair the damaged hull. Greg and a team of 5 boatbuilders have now arrived in Cape Town, had their first day of fast paced preparation and now have a big job ahead to get the boat ready for the start of the second leg on 11th December.
Follow the teams progress on facebook or visit back here and we will keep you updated as work on the new bow section begins….

New hope for Windhaven

Windhaven was successfully sold at auction and now has a new owner. With that, we certainly hope to see her some time in the future with her sails full of running and a happy new skipper at the helm. Her refit will obviously take some time and devotion, but what a reward awaits!!!