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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Salthouse Updates

Increasingly, we are hearing of the troubled state or our oceans and how we as users of the sea as our playground and workplace, have an added responsibility to act as minders and care takers of our planets oceans.

Salthouse Boatbuilders currently have the privilege of working with a man named Dieter Paulmann, who with his foundation, Okeanos for the Sea, was searching for the best way to convey an urgent message of marine protection.
Dieter was inspired by Pacific Island culture and their stories of ocean voyaging.
As Islanders, people of the Pacific have an intimate understanding of our dependence on the surrounding environment. Although Pacific nations are amongst those contributing the least to climate change and environmental damage, they are some of the first to experience the consequences.

Through one man’s inspiration has come a fleet of 7 Vaka Moana (ocean going canoe) and a Vaka Motu (inter-island canoe).  With more on the way, and thousands of ocean miles already traveled fueled by nothing but the wind, sun and our struggling sea, the crew of these traditional vessels, aim to spread the word of ocean conservation.  As direct witnesses to the effects of pollution on our environment, Pacific Voyagers are voicing the immediate need for change, the need for a new story, a new sail plan.

Salthouse Boatbuilders will keep you posted so you can follow their journey and help change the tide on ocean pollution…