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Monday, May 21, 2012

Salthouse Updates

Salthouse Boatbuilders are excited about the soon to be launched, Elliott35 Super Sport.
Read the latest info on our new 'Production Boats' page and check out detailed specs on the Elliott35ss PDF link

Friday, May 4, 2012

Emirates Team New Zealand Tender

The first of the new Emirates Team New Zealand chase boats is currently being built at Salthouse Boatbuilders. It will be launched in mid-June. A second has been ordered by a private buyer and interest is being shown by others.
Emirates Team New Zealand managing director Grant Dalton is impressed with the new chase boat. “It will be rugged, nimble and powerful enough to do the job. It will do the work of the big tender and a chase boat. 

There’s more to the multihull world of the America’s Cup than meets the eye. There’s the design challenge, figuring out how to launch and retrieve a big cat and learning how to sail them fast and safely.

But what about the chase boats? When the yacht can reach speeds of 40 knots, the chase boat has to be able to keep up and stay on station with the yacht for as long as it’s sailing.
When sailing conditions are favourable, the crew will spend a lot of time on the water. The chase boats will have to carry enough fuel for long days and have enough power and stability to stay close in fresh winds and choppy seas. And it has to be capable of righting the big cat should it capsize.

Wear and tear on the people also had to be considered. Twelve or more hours on the water slamming into a Hauraki Gulf chop is very hard on bodies. 

The familiar Protector RIBs with the big Yamaha engines that have served Emirates Team New Zealand so well for many years were not designed and built with the AC72 in mind. Even now, the Protector RIBs will not be retired. They’ll also be out on the water with the yachts every day, carrying spares and equipment. They have served the team well, maintenance free, for a number of years and up to four of them will remain in use in the future.
The team also needed a vessel to replace the big 60ft ASB tender of 2007. Team designer Pete Melvin came up with a 45ft catamaran, powered by four 300 horsepower Yamaha outboard motors. It’s lighter than the old chase boats and more fuel efficient. Just like the old RIBs its composite hull will be topped by inflatable tubes so that it can go alongside the race yacht.

With a centre console and enclosed cabin, team members will be well protected from chilly winter and spring weather and the spray that will be thrown up when travelling at speed.
It will have the endurance to stay out all day and will achieve speeds of more than 50 knots if necessary. With suspension seats to smooth the ride, it will be kinder on its passengers - the sailing coaches, boat builders, sail makers riggers and on-board systems experts.

Grant Dalton says, “When it’s at work on San Francisco Bay it will be another good advertisement for the capability of the New Zealand marine industry.”